After over a year of development and user testing, we're super excited to announce the official launch of Anvl Custom Miniatures 🎉

What is Anvl?

Anvl Minis -

Anvl Custom Miniatures is an easy to use web and mobile app that allows you to bring your characters to life and create your one of a kind custom miniatures using a huge selection of high quality content.

Our goal at Anvl is to give you the ability to break free from the stale selection of premade figurines and produce custom tabletop miniatures that truly reflect your creative vision.

Now you can take full control over the design of your 3D printed miniatures and utilize over two trillion unique combinations to create the perfect character ready for your next tabletop gaming adventure ⚒

What's new in V1? 🆕

Custom bronze miniatures, custom plastic miniatures, custom steel miniatures

It's been an exciting few months for everyone here on the Anvl team since we launched our public beta at the beginning of the year!

We've enjoyed watching you design thousands of unique miniatures using our app and have listened closely to your feedback to give you the best experience we possibly can.

We are extremely grateful for everyone who took part and shared their feedback. While we were satisfied with the quality and functionality of our app during the beta we knew there was still plenty of room for improvement. Your voice has been heard and your tips and suggestions have been instrumental in helping us create an app we are all incredibly proud of 😃

There were some significant updates that needed to be made, and it took us a few extra months of grinding - but now the time has come for us to share what we've been working so hard on!

New Races

Forge your perfect custom miniatures with Anvl
Dragonborn Miniatures, Tiefling Miniatures, Wolves and much more!

So first things first, Races. We received hundreds of requests for this from our early users so we got to work right away!

You can now use our app to create a huge range of new characters, from disgruntled Orcs and noble Elves, to mighty Dragons and... Frog people 🐸

Each new race comes complete with a themed starting outfit, male and female variants, full face remodel and additional body detailing. We've also overhauled the design of our existing races to fit in line with our new quality standards.

Improved body anatomy, model durability and detail

We plan on adding several new races over the next few months so please be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates and keep the fantastic suggestions coming!

Redesigned Artwork & New Content

We launched our beta with an impressive library of content, however with our increasingly high quality standards we needed to make sure each and every model was designed to perfection.

Thickened proportions, improved detail and texture, hundreds of new designs

We wanted to capture all the intricate details of your characters, even at 28mm scale. So we set out to completely redesign every model in our library with the aim of increasing the overall level of detail, and put a lot of focus on durability and making your custom miniatures super enjoyable to paint!

With the new changes we've made, our models not only look significantly better, but they are now incredibly durable and able to be printed successfully using almost any 3D printer.

When you next visit our app, you'll be able to get started right away with these stunning new default body designs. Including realistic and printable proportions, more natural stances and full flexibility over the height, weight, muscularity, build, chest, curves, head, hands, feet... the list goes on 💪

Improved body anatomy and model scale

We've also added lots of exciting new user requested content, such as animal familiars, wings, tails, capes and much more! So be sure to check out the latest version of the app and try everything out on your own custom miniatures.

Custom Dragonborn miniatures, Custom Tiefling miniatures

Improved Faces & Expressions

With our all new designed faces, you now have much more control over the personality of your character thanks to these handy emotion sliders.

As well as improving the design, we've also increased the facial detail to be much more visible in our 28mm miniatures and each face option has individually designed Male and Female versions.

What's Coming Next?

You decide! Hopefully we've been able to show you that we take our user feedback very seriously and are committed to providing the best experience possible, tailored to you personally (yes, you)!

Whatever you want us to create, we will do our best to make it happen - and we're pushing new updates daily. Our goal is for Anvl Custom Miniatures to become your trusted source for all your tabletop gaming needs, with a library of content so comprehensive that you can create anything you can imagine.

Create custom miniatures with

Have some requests for new content? We'd love to hear them.

You can reach out to us via email, social media or feel free to join the conversation in our brand new Discord channel where we will be hanging out with our users and hosting exclusive competitions and giveaways!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and announcements soon 😃

V1 Release Notes

  • Major Artwork Redesign
  • New Cyclops, Tiefling, Wolf, Dragon & Frog Races
  • 50+ New Items & Clothing Options
  • Improved Existing Race Designs
  • Design Male & Female Face Variants
  • More Control Over Body Dimensions
  • Redesigned Base Character Models
  • Added Wings, Tails, Eyewear & Back Item Slots
  • Improved Miniature Scale & Proportions
  • Better Premium Plastic Material
  • Improved Control With Stance Editor
  • Dynamic Item Stance Adjustments (Idle Pose)
  • Increased Resolution Of STL Downloads
  • Improved Scene Lighting & Textures
  • New Facial Expression Engine
  • More Mobile UI Optimizations
  • Several New User-Requested Features
  • Bug Fixes & Performance Enhancements