5) Stand out on the game table.

Lots of gamers just use any old object to mark their position on the game map; a coin, a glass bead, a die, anything. Those that have access to proper gaming miniatures are often forced to make due with whatever they've got, using stock mass-produced miniatures that are, at best, "close enough" representations of their character.

But with a custom 3D printed miniature, you'll have a piece that's truly unique to you and your character, one that no one will have seen before. And when your eyes scan over the game table, you'll never have to second-guess which miniature is yours!

4) The only limit is your imagination.

Some players may think their character is too unusual or unconventional to be made in most character creators, but those players are probably in for a shock. Anvl offers so many customization options for our miniatures, you can create just about any character you can think of. Of course, fantasy staples like knights and wizards are easy as pie to make in Anvl, but it can easily accommodate high-concept characters as well.

Got a cyberpunk technoblade-wielding catfolk mechanic? No problem. A nun who dual wields six-shooters? Can do. A hard-boiled 1930s noir detective who also plays the saxophone? We got you covered.

Virtually any sort of character under the sun is possible to bring to life in Anvl's miniature designer, so why not make one for yours?

3) Show your "status" as a tabletop enthusiast.

As mentioned earlier, a lot of tabletop gamers will use just any old miniature for their character, even one that doesn't entirely represent the character perfectly. This is kind of a "casual" move, isn't it?

However, if you happen to be someone who shows up to game night with their own custom made miniatures for your characters, that designates you as a devoted player who's sincerely passionate about tabletop gaming and the characters they play.

2) It represents a one-of-a-kind item.

Other miniatures are mass-produced items that tend to be broadly designed to potentially depict as many characters as possible, such as just "Human Fighter," "Elf Wizard," and so on. And sure, you can paint a miniature to be closer to what you have in mind for your character, but it will still be limited to its original pose and sculpting. But a custom-made miniature is one that is unique to you and your character alone, down to the smallest details. And with the amount of customization options you can apply to your miniature with Anvl, the odds of someone else creating a miniature that's exactly identical to yours are astronomically impossible!

1) Bring your character to life.

This is really what it all comes down to. Taking a character from an abstract image in your mind and transforming it into a tangible, physical representation of the character you know and love. And not to mention, nothing beats the feeling of looking down at your game table and seeing your character there, looking exactly as they should! It sounds simple, but it really is a joy to see.

Create Your Custom Miniature